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The Victorian Catholic Education Offices are offering all Victorian Catholic schools the opportunity to have access to a specialised service that will assist schools to create and maintain new websites, highlighting the distinctive identity of Catholic schools.

This web solution will provide a range of professionally designed templates and a powerful content management system to assist schools to promote the range of ways in which each school uniquely supports student learning.

CEO Melb CEO Ballarat CEO Sale CEO Sandhurst

For information contact:

  • CEO Melbourne

    Michelle Roche
    ICON Executive Assistant
    Phone: (03) 9267 0513

  • CEO Ballarat

    Danielle Peters
    Education Officer – ICT
    Phone: (03) 5337 7121

  • CEO Sale

    Shane Doyle
    Technology Services Officer
    Phone:(03) 5622 6617

  • CEO Sandhurst

    Glenn McMahon
    Education Officer: Curriculum & Learning Technologies
    Phone: (03) 5443 2377

  • Fraynework

    Deb Carter
    Chief Operations Officer
    Phone: (03) 8687 7506